Where the name Sycamore Hills came from:
Since before it’s development in 1964, the surrounding area and the ravine has been home to majestic Sycamore trees, the tall trees with smooth, bleached white bark. A neighborhood developed beneath the watchful eye of such amazing trees, could only be called Sycamore Hills. 
The 1964 original Articles of Incorporation were completely replaced in 1976. In addition to buying each lot, the home builder or buyer was required to pay a fee of $50 per lot - a deed transfer/membership fee. In 1981, this deed transfer fee was raised to $100. In 1988, this fee went to $250. In 2006, this fee was raised to $500.
In 1988, the membership voted to implement an annual fee. This was needed as the deed transfer fees were no longer enough to cover the association expenses and the membership wanted to add private street plowing. A $50 annual fee was approved by over 75% of the membership. In 2006, the Association members approved raising the annual fee from $50 a year to $100 a year – again with over 75% of the membership’s support. The annual fee has recently been raised again to $200 a year.
Over the last 60 years, the entrance way signs have been replaced, lighting added, and 3 bridges have been built to span the creek. Additionally, the swim club has also required repairs during this time. While families moved into Sycamore Hills in 1965, 1966 and 1967, the swim club wasn’t built until 1968. For the first three years, we were allowed to join Indian Hills Swim Club which most families did. 
The Sycamore Hills Resident’s Association Board Members were the Officers of Planned Communities, until the last lot was sold in Sycamore Hills. A legal entity had to be created to be able to collect the swim club membership and to run social events so the Sycamore Hills Civic Association was created. 
When the last lot in Sycamore Hills was sold, it triggered the transfer of the common area (deed), as well as the eventual transfer of the Officers of the Board for the Sycamore Hills Residents Association. At this time the offer was made to remove the Swim Club, or the Association could accept it with the deed transfer for the common area and with it would include $10,000. The Board of the Civic Association voted to keep the swim club and accept it from the developer, along with the $10,000 to help with its ongoing operations and maintenance.
The pool has continued to be the life of the neighborhood, having hosted many events, parties, and reunions over the 55 summers in operation. It has been a place for our neighborhood children and families to spend the long summer hours and has provided a place of employment for many a youth over the years. 
A community park, quaint neighborhood pool, sledding hills, social events and an active Resident’s Association provide the perfect backdrop for family gatherings and neighborly connections. With a rich history of fostering a tight-knit environment, we offer residents so much more than a home!
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